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What is Success???

Have you ever tried to imagine what a long term goal has been achieved in front of your very eyes ??? Many could have tried but… Have any one enjoyed of that moment that even in a vision their dream goals are achieved and we felt happy?? Many would think it’s crazy… But how much so we want change???

Proctor and Gallagher Institute gives you what you want exactly to make your goal a real success.

I have started a journey with them to find my goals… Why don’t you too!

Checkout my website http://www.thoughtaboutsuccess.com for more details into PGI and discover their professionally tailored Seminars and activities to get more from the Universe.

May Abundance with you.

Thought about Success

I am a professional Banker. But my life has many ups and downs like majority of Indian Population. Taxes, Expenses, Family needs,etc always have impact on my pay.

I was Living a life where I was only able to dream of my dream life but never living the life i wanted.

The universe then Introduced me to Bob Proctor. I came across this awesome personality from the hit documentary “The Secret” . That movie taught me many things.. It exposed myself to the cosmos and i started to realise what I am really capable of. After watching The Secret for almost 5 times., I closely followed Bob Proctor. I visited Proctor Gallagher Institute in web. Bob Proctor is a phenomenal personality who was like many average Americans in 1967. But one book that transformed his Personality in 1967 was Napoleon Hill’s Book “THINK AND GROW RICH”. He was able to find the actual content of the book and he applied it to his life.. I got all this information by going through his videos and also from the movie The Secret. I personally got one of Bob Proctor’s Best hit book “You Were Born Rich” . I am still half way into his book. But I am getting insights into my life which I wish to live in the present. He also Introduced to Sandy Gallagher. Both are co founders of Proctor Gallagher Institute. They give expert Entrepreneurship and open the gates of cosmos to our thought which we have obstacles which are Hereditary and Environmental…

Its not easy but we can always… The reason why I am sharing my story but related to PGI is that Both these personalities have changed my life in a very short period of time. I did not know where to find a way to get out of all miseries of my life and live a life that i wanted in the present… They showed me the way. I am in the process of initiating their training via The Secret and Beyond the Secret.

If you want to start really to care about you living and the care you show to others, Start reading the book… -“YOU WERE BORN RICH ” author- Bob Proctor.

May Abundance be with you.